• S22RR


Outstanding performance, stability and simple changeover to narrow gauge are the distinguishing features of the universal S22 road-rail excavator. The innovative S22RR comes in a short-tail design with a tail swing radius of less than 157 cm. A major advantage of the short-tail excavator is the enhanced safety on site.

125 kW diesel engine with stage V emissions standards

The high-powered diesel engine provides the basis for efficient and rapid operations. The requirements of the stage V emissions standards are fully met with the newly developed John Deere engine. The generously designed cooling system enables high continuous load, even in conjunction with power-intensive attachments.

Optimal axle load distribution

The short-tail design of the excavator calls for an innovative concept with the best possible layout of all the components. The result with the S22RR is an ideal weight distribution for deployment on and alongside the railway track.

ROTOline for the use of power-intensive attachments

The S22RR features a modern hydraulic system in a mixed open/closed and load-sensing construction to achieve the best possible work results. The closed circuit system enables sensitive control as well as regenerative braking during slewing operations. In conjunction with the standard tool management system, the load-sensing hydraulic system ensures unsurpassable versatility of the up to three double-acting circuits. The optional ROTOline is unique in this machine class and is synonymous with efficiency in the case of power-intensive attachments.


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