Outstanding efficiency, easy on the environment

Within the sewer cleaning and industrial disposal sector, KAISER has become synonymous with innovative technological solutions. The core elements of KAISER vehicles, such as the high-pressure jetting pump, vacuum pump and recycling system, represent technologies in their own right and are all part of an optimally tuned design approach.

This integrated system provides our customers with significant benefits. The outstanding performance, higher payload and low maintenance requirements ensure the vehicles’ high operational efficiency. Moreover, exhaust and noise emissions are substantially reduced as a result of fewer trips for refilling and disposal.

Technology as core competence

KAISER products are characterised by a high level of technological individuality and in many countries have already become the benchmark for specific technical solutions.

"We are aware of the fact that innovations – aimed at added value for the customer – are key to maintaining our technological edge and to extending our leadership position in the future. That is why KAISER invests in pioneering product strategies, customer proximity, a strong branding policy and, last but not least, a powerful corporate culture. Continuity and dependability in strategic alignment, ownership structure and leadership help to promote the long-term development of personnel and corporate structures. It is continuity of this kind which creates security."

Markus Kaiser



For over 40 years, the pressure transformer principle developed by KAISER has proved itself to be the ideal solution for sewer cleaning – particularly in combination with water recycling. The KDU is a hydraulically driven high-pressure water pump which converts oil pressure/flow directly into water pressure/flow. Pressure and flow rate can be set independently of one another.

Outstanding efficiency

The KDU is driven by a power- and pressure-controlled hydraulic pump which is powered by the truck's power take-off. The required power is adjusted to suit the respective jetting job. In combination with a flow-optimised, symmetrical piping arrangement, this results in significantly reduced fuel consumption.

Operational reliability and low maintenance 

In contrast with a high-pressure water pump based on the triplex plunger principle, the piston action of the KDU is very slow. As a consequence, the KDU can safely run dry and is unaffected by dirty water. The small number of moving parts ensures exceptionally quiet running and low-noise operation. The valves on the water side are reusable. Due to the hydraulic drive, the maintenance required on the mechanical drive is minimal. The water pressure is set and controlled on the hydraulic side. This means that a pressure control bypass valve, which is susceptible to wear, can be dispensed with on the high-pressure water side.



As early as the mid-1980s, KAISER developed the first liquid ring pump in a light construction for mobile applications. A water ring is built up inside the KWP housing by the centrifugal force generated by an offset impeller. Changes in volume cause air to be drawn into the impeller cells and compressed. This design ensures a low level of sensitivity to dirt particles and is ideally suited to vacuuming wet and dry materials. The non-contacting impeller ensures smooth running and a long service life. Our KWP does not produce any contamination caused by lubricants or oil in the air discharged by the pump. The bearings run in an oil bath and do not require maintenance.

Light-weight and reliable

The light-weight construction increases the vehicle's payload. The integrated Intercooler system ensures a consistently low temperature budget for the service water. Continuous operation is also possible in the case of high external temperatures, and even prolonged vacuuming operations in the end vacuum range do not result in any overheating of the KWP.

Installation in the fresh water tank - patented

Additional natural cooling, frost protection through water insulation and reinforced sound insulation are achieved by installing the KWP in the fresh water tank. The short suction lines to the sludge tank ensure an optimum degree of efficiency. This construction type also permits vacuum/pressure operation when tilted.


Patented KAISER system 

The centrepiece of the ROTOMAX water recycling system is an oscillating rotary filter drum. Built into the front part of the sludge tank, this one-stage filter system separates solids from sewer water. The filtered water is channelled directly (without settling basin) to the KAISER pressure transformer for further jetting operations.

Outstanding efficiency

Runs to refill with jetting water are dispensed with, fuel and water consumption reduced. A multi-stage filter system is not needed if the KDU is used. This reduces body weight and cuts cleaning and maintenance outlay. In comparison with other sewer cleaning vehicles, KAISER vehicles offer up to 4.5 tons more payload.

Reliable in the toughest conditions

The self-cleaning effect of the oscillating rotary filter drum is additionally enhanced by a backflushing system. When it comes to continuous operation in sewers featuring a high fat content and extreme soiling, there is no other system on the market that can match the performance of the KAISER ROTOMAX system with backflushing.

Sparing use of natural resources

The water recycling system saves 90,000 litres of fresh water, based on a jetting rate of 300 litres per minute and a jetting period of 5 hours. Waste gas and noise emissions are substantially reduced due to fewer retanking and waste depot runs.