Consistent lightweight construction

The MicroCombi series contents sewer cleaning vehicles with a gross weight between 3,5 and 12 tons. Due to the consistent use of lightweight materials, the vehicles provide for maximum payload. For example, the slurry and water tank is made of aluminum. Besides the low weight, the vehicles  offers an extremely compact design. The MicroCombi is a trade product of KAISER AG and is manufactured by company Baroclean in France.

For every application the right vehicle

The MicroCombi Ranger and Paho have an admission up to 3.5 tons gross weight and therefore, they can be driven by the conventional driving license. Both vehicles are available with a height below 2m which makes them accessible to underground parking. The vehicle type Miami is 6 tons gross vehicle weight and the Imperial at 12 tons. Depending on vehicle type, the vacuum pump suction capacity is available between 216 m3/h and 1200 m3/h. For the high-pressure water pump, a jetting performance between 72 l/min and 200 bar to 120 l/min and 300 bar is possible. A variety of options expand the field of application.

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