Water recycling in arctic conditions

The EcoCycler is a water-recycling unit built for the sometimes very difficult conditions found in the Nordic countries, where the temperature can fall down to around -25 °C for long periods, but the pipelines still need to be maintained. This is where the EcoCycler comes into its own with its efficient frost protection. Having sturdy subframe is essential, given the road network is affected by recurrent frost damage and severe winter conditions.

Optimised weight distribution

The EcoCycler tanks are of the so-called tank-in-tank type. The slurry tank is inside the fresh water tank. This means there is optimum weight distribution regardless of which tank is filled. The construction is also very strong.


The Combi-unit has very efficient frost-protection and all water-carrying pipes or components are located in a heated and isolated area. This means that the unit can be effectively used down to -30 °C.  The tank-in-tank design also contributes to thermal protection, the outer water tank being heated by the internal slurry tank and vice versa depending on loading conditions. We have also managed to implement frost-protection to simplify the work and, as a result, maintaining the technology is now a lot easier because everything is kept clean and tidy.


The vacuum system uses 1,500 – 2,700 m³/h Roots compressors. In the high pressure system, a 400 to 500 litres/min KDU pressure transformer is used. With a maximum water pressure of 200 bar, both the vacuum- and water pump can be used optimally through the use of user preset values to achieve the best usage economy. The hydraulic system is load sensing, which means that only the power currently required is taken out of the chassi’s engine.

Water recycling

The well-proven and reliable Rotomax filter system forms the core of the recycling system. The filter is placed in the front part of the slurry tank, providing a short supply line to the water pump. 

The IQAN system monitors and controls the various processes, which makes the work significantly easier.

Flexible use

The EcoCycler can be used as a normal combi-unit without any problem, and the water recycling process is activated by simply pressing a button.


A wide range of options are available.  


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