Elegance 2.0

Top performance, outstanding reliability and excellent design

The Elegance 2.0 impresses with modern looks as well as robust and dependable technology. Decades of experience and cutting-edge development work are perfectly matched in this product line. It uses materials which unite low weight and high resistance. 

Triplex plunger pumps are available for the high-pressure system, and MORO KAISER vane pumps or positive displacement blowers for the vacuum system. The respective pumps are located between the driver’s cab and the tank. The components are hydraulically or mechanically driven depending on power requirements. This is performed by means of the power take-off on the carrier vehicle or a separate intermediate gearbox. 

Versatility and high operator comfort 

The well-conceived modular system allows the configuration of a broad spectrum of vehicles, from the compact 2-axle vacuum vehicle to the top-of-the-range 4-axle combination vehicle. The option of side-mounted water tanks in polyethylene or chrome steel enables the tank layout to be optimally adapted to the needs of the individual customer. 

Vehicle operation has been designed with a focus on simple handling. A wide range of additional options as well as different suction boom versions, various jetting hose reels or ADR / ATEX round off the Elegance series.


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T +423 377 21 21