MORO KAISER vacuum pumps come from a long tradition of reliability, durability and versatility. They are available in a wide range of models which differ in capacity, drive systems and cooling. The MORO KAISER pumps guarantee a high degree of vacuum, making these machines suitable in a great number of applications. Industrial users of vacuum pumps demand safe and constant operation and a high degree of vacuum output for long periods of time. These pumps are therefore suitable for heavy industrial use.

MORO KAISER assures the quality of its pumps and components both through accurate checks on material and in their use on its machines worldwide known as leader.


Liechtenstein, USA, Italy, Finland, Austria and Slovakia. What is the sense of 6 international locations and a network of 100 sales and service partners all around the world? Customer service and regional maintenance. 

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T +423 377 2121


T +423 377 2121