Powerful performance with high comfort

The Tornado is the KAISER MORO vehicle for use in industrial cleaning; it is characterised by the very high performance of the vacuum pumps and high-pressure pumps installed, in addition to exclusive design. Key features include the soundproof box for the pump housing and the rounded shape of the side tanks, which make the Tornado unique among wet vacuum vehicles used to clean sewage and industrial pipelines.

The Tornado is available with different models of high-vacuum positive displacement blower with flow rates up to 10,500 m3/h and is equipped with an air injection cooling system that enables continuous operation even at high temperatures. The quiet operation of the equipment is the basic requirement to ensure the right comfort for the operator and a high-standard working environment. The equipment is driven by means of the power take-off on the carrier vehicle or a separate intermediate gearbox.

Safety and ease of use

The Tornado is based on vehicles with 3 or 4 axes. The side tanks for clean water are produced both in polyethylene and stainless steel versions, thus enabling the layout of the equipment to be defined to suit specific needs of the customer.

Although the Tornado is designed to work at very high performance in exceptionally heavy-duty operations, controlling the equipment is secured by an operator interface which ensures ease of use. A wide range of additional options are available as well as different suction boom versions and jetting hose reels. The Tornado is also manufactured in an ADR and an ATEX version.


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