WATER vane pump

The New Water series liquid cooled vacuum pumps represent the most elevated standard in the technology of the vacuum suction and they are studied on purpose for an employment in the agricultural or industrial sector. The applied technology is the one of the radial rotary vanes pump. The WATER range is currently constituted by 3 base pumps models, with different air courses, for which there are several versions available in accordance of the required capacity. The pump’s body, realized in high-resistant cast iron, has been projected to guarantee the maximum lasting reliability and to favor the heat exchange. The air inlet and outlet ports have been studied to reduce both noise and heat produced. The increase of heat exchange has been granted by the introduction of a liquid-cooling circuit, which improves the time of the pump use. The vacuum pump is standard fitted with a water-recirculating pump. The correct operation of the vacuum pump is insured by the forced lubrication with piston pump. The oil tank is incorporated. The vanes are of a high-heat-resistant composite material. A special inspection hole in the flanges allows the visual check of their wear. The Viton seals grants a better resistance of the pump to high temperatures. The non-return valve and the 4-ways valve are integrated in the pump. The inlet and outlet elbows are flanged and can be directed in accordance of the requirements of the final use.

  • Outlet curves predisposed for the mounting of pressure relief valve, vacuum relief valve and manometer.
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic actuator change over type for the 4-way valve.

    Every pump is available in 4 different versions, countersigned by the following marks:


WP transmission with pulley for 1.200 rpm
WH transmission with hydraulic drive
WM transmission with gearbox for 540 rpm
WD transmission with cardan joint for 1.200 rpm 



PM80 W

  • 12'000 lt/min
  • 720 m3/h
  • 424 cfm

PM110 W

  • 16'400 lt/min
  • 984 m3/h
  • 579 cfm


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T +423 377 21 21